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  1. Kulak Well-Known Member

    I'm about to lose the plot with this guy.

    Thank you for using Ladbrokes Live Chat, a member of our Customer Services Team will be with you shortly ...
    You are now chatting with 'John'
    John: Welcome to Ladbrokes Live Chat. How may I help you?
    Grant: Hi John, When I signed up (just there) I deposited £5.00 with the Free up to £50 bet promo, but there is £0 in my balance :/
    John: Please can you confirm your account ID, date of birth and postcode for security reasons
    Grant: Acc: TheKulak 11/**/** P** ***John: Thank you
    John: Looking at your account I can see no payment method active on your account
    John: to add a payment method
    John: please go to my account
    John: then select deposit
    John: from here it will ask you to input your payment method
    Grant: Ok John, just the fact I have already inserted my card details and a £5 deposit whilst signing up there was alamrming
    John: I can see no active payment method on the account you have provided sir
    Grant: Does this mean that I wil no longer be eligible for the free promo bet since I have already registered ? :/
    John: no I can provide you with the link to the terms and conditions?
    Grant: That was the only reason I signed up (so I could get the extra bet form the promo, I have entered all the details when signing up so that I would be eligible for it, can you not do it form your end?)
    Grant: obviously been a glitch somewhere
    John: if you would like to add payment details you can only do this online yourself or by calling us on a recorded line, please call 0800 917 27 37 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0800 917 27 37 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Grant: I can add payment methods no problem, its just I wanted to get the promotion that I entered in when registering, as I am a new member, it doesnt seem worth it now
    John: you have not placed a bet on either of the two accounts created and the terms and conditions state that it is for new customers. As you have not placed a bet you are a new customer
    Grant: 2 accounts sorry? But what Im sayign John is I signed up with the intention of making my bet tonight and make the £5 single bet that would give me extra bet money form the promotion, as there is a glitch in the system obiously (as I did enter details) I think it wont work now and Ill just be putting a 5er on a bet that I could have done on my usual william hill accounts
    John: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    Grant: Yes the above ^
    John: as advised there is no payment method on the account and no transactions so you are a new customer
    Grant: Yes, but the promo code works in transition with signing on - with a deposit of £5, as the payment method has not been registered I would need to sign up Again with a different account, making up new details just to try and get on the promotion that is offered
  2. samgei Active Member

    Made me lol so much. WTF, worst livechat EU mate
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  3. The Dean Moderator

    phone them
  4. Kulak Well-Known Member

    Hate phoning things like this for some reason, im a terrible arguer lol.

    The Live chat thing has disappeared from the website, cant find anywhere, so sent email!

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